[EEG] Meet today! We have a cap! And I'm obsessed with ICA!

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 15:46:41 PDT 2009

So there's Open EEG on the calendar today from 6-8 for those of you that can
make it.  We're on for our "regular" Sunday meeting as well, but since we've
got a new toy it seems worth meeting today for everyone who was busy being
religious this Sunday instead of talking about brains and hardware.  So come
down and see the cap!

Also, I had an exciting week -- met one of the field leaders in EEG
research: http://httf.livejournal.com/79092.html and now I really really
want to play with EEGLab and ICA.  Scott (The EEG Guy) told me that EEGlab
comes with some sample data that will let you run visuals.  And this is
particularly exciting because ICA is probably the best method for
localization.  I had a brainstorming talk with Steen earlier this week about
localizing sources for EEG signals and about what a mindfuck that is, so I'm
hoping that ICA will make it easier.

In general, I really want to get a leg up on EEG analysis, because I have
only the vaguest idea how to do it, and even if we don't have operational
hardware yet, I'd like to get started on learning.  Maybe I'll make a post
to noisebridge discuss at some point soon to recruit some programmers.
Seems like we lost a couple since the first meeting.

Ok, I'm rambling.  So come tonight so I can ramble in meatspace.


PS. Tomorrow morning I'm going to be helping to run an EEG experiment!  I
think some of it's ECOG actually, which is like... electrodes on the bare
cortex.  I promise to report on that Sunday.  I'm planning to ask about
noise and shielding, but we can discuss tonight if there's anything else in
particular I should ask about.
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