[EEG] Another OpenEEG box / Tour Kal's studio!

Jonathan Foote jtfoote at ieee.org
Tue Apr 21 19:08:58 PDT 2009

I visited Kal today at his studio, and he gave me another set of
OpenEEG boards that belong to Chris Veigl of SHIFZ.  The boards are in
an enclosure which is pretty punk rock but is at least grounded, and
has a DB9 connector for the serial output and another one for the
amplifier inputs. It only has one amplifer board so it has two
differential channels. (Earlier Kal had mentioned that he might have
an Emotiv headset that he used for an Exploratorium work but it turns
out he didn't.)

This is excellent because we have something to play with. I still
expect this to be pretty noisy, but it's small enough anyone could
take it home and work with it, and we could try hooking up some
channels to the cap and see what (if anything) we get. It needs a 12V
power supply but I could rig one up in about ten minutes.

I'm thinking a nice addition to the final box would be terminals that
we could measure the electrode resistance with. According to the cap
instructions, this should be less than 3 kOhms for a good contact, so
I bet an easy way to measure that would come in very handy.

Kal is the person who first got me thinking about EEGs and he's been
controlling his robots with biosignals for years now. He's kindly
offered us a tour of his studio to see some of the machines he wants
to drive with EEG signals. This is totally worth it -- let me know if
you are interested. We can probably fit 5-10 people in some evening.

Here's Kal's website with some of the machines he's done http://seemen.org/

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