[EEG] Fwd: MIA here... Meetings? Calendar?

Tracy Jacobs kinetical at comcast.net
Thu Aug 6 14:00:12 PDT 2009

> Kelly I was wondering what happened to you!  How long are you in  
> India for?
> I'm still into meeting anytime, but I don't feel like I have much I  
> can contribute because I am not an electrical engineer.  Also, the  
> box I made with mini xlr plugs went missing after being left at  
> Noisebridge with the group.  Inside, a roll of shielded cable and  
> about 25 mini xlr's.  Looked for it myself on the shelves and seems  
> to be not anywhere.  If anyone sees it, let me know.  It looks like  
> a metal lunchbox with a handle on top and xlr plugs in the side.
> Sunday is not the best day for me either, better would be Thursday  
> night, or Tuesday night.
> I'm not sure what else is going on there at those times.  I come  
> from the East BAy, and I have other projects I'm working on at home,  
> so I don't want to spend Sunday afternoon waiting around to see if  
> anyone shows up at Noisebridge.  If there is a better time for  
> people, name it, and lets try to arrange a meeting again.
> Tracy
> On Aug 6, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Kelly wrote:
>> Hey folks, I keep meaning to drop a note saying hey, I'm busy, by the
>> way the Sunday EEG meeting is still on the google calendar.
>> I'm going to just take it off, since I feel responsible for it.  I'm
>> leaving whatever's on the wiki since that's editable by anyone, but
>> since the google calendar isn't publicly editable I figure I should
>> clean up after myself.  Can someone else who's involved add it back  
>> to
>> the calendar as needed?  I know that people do drop by on Sundays
>> occasionally.
>> I'm in India working on some education research and I haven't really
>> been keeping up on most of the internet, so I hope things are well at
>> 83C.  I'll still be working in the EEG lab when I get back to  
>> Berkeley
>> though, so I look forward to more brains in the future.  See y'all
>> soon.
>> -Kelly
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