[EEG] photolog OpenEEG notes - 12/6

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Sun Dec 6 21:50:38 PST 2009

some visual notes of the meeting and the EEG Neurofeedback session


Josh Bailey wrote:
> * Referendum on reference electrodes.
> OpenEEG and derivatives have two electrodes per channel, no shared ground 
> reference. We want shared ground. John, Josh opine that should be able to 
> tie -tve op-amp inputs together board-side. Andreas has tried electrode 
> side but Josh, John opine this will create a noisy ground loop.
> Next step - try to short it board side and see.
> * Josh needs to bring narrow-gauge shielded cable for OpenEEG to cap 
> connectors.
> * Intermediate goal for cap is to build 4/6 channel system, adapt OpenEEG 
> for shared ground. If it works go big for 20 channel, with redesigned 
> system.
> * Also need 2-channel development mess around system. Maybe OpenEEG.
> * Need a better shelf (as in bigger).

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