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Rachel McConnell rachel at instructables.com
Wed Jun 3 10:12:49 PDT 2009


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Date: Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 7:53 AM
Subject: Emotiv Developer Program : SDK & Headset Available Now

Dear Rachel
We are very pleased to announce that the Emotiv SDK including an SDK
headset is now available for immediate license. This product ship
The Emotiv SDK- Standard Edition includes an SDK Headset and our
proprietary software toolkit that exposes our APIs and detection
libraries.  This is now available to independent developers and
independent researchers for only $500. To license the SDK, please
visit http://www.emotiv.com/corporate/1_0/1_6.htm

Enterprise, Enterprise Plus and Research Plus Editions of the SDK are
also available for license. More details on the Emotiv Developer
Program can be found below.
Choose an SDK License that best suits your development needs:
If you are an indepedent developer or commercial enterprise:
Introductory (SDKLite) - An introduction to the Emotiv SDK and APIs.
For application developers who want to get started immediately. This
introductory package includes a hardware emulator in place of the SDK
Standard - Single license - For indepedent developers who are creating
free and commercial applications for the Emotiv EPOC that will be
distributed exclusively through our Emortal online application store.
Enterprise - Up to 5 licensed users - For companies that are creating
propietary applications using the Emotiv EPOC.

If you are a researcher or educational institute
Emotiv is committed to supporting the research community in developing
more detections/applications that further improve the capability of
Brain Computer Interface (BCI). We have created a program that takes
into account the needs of educational institutions, research
organizations as well as individual researchers that want to
contribute their knowledge to further the field of BCI.
Research Standard - Single license - For individual researchers and
research groups that are developing free and/or commercial
applications for the Emotiv EPOC that will be available exclusively
through our Emortal online application store.
Research Plus - Up to 5 licensed users - For research institutes that
are developing new applications/detections utilizing raw EEG data from
the Emotiv EPOC.

Please let us know via return email to apps at emotiv.com or fill out the
enquiry form on the web at http://emotiv.com/corporate/1_0/1_6.htm if
you wish to license the Enterprise, Enterprise Plus or Research Plus
versions of the Emotiv SDK.
We look forward to collaborating and partnering with you to further
the field of Brain Computer Interface technology.
Best regards,
Emotiv Team
Emotiv Systems Inc.


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