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I hope the retreat was good for you.



I got to NB at 2:30, and tried to set up some of the OpenEEG hardware.  I had this going about a year ago, but hadnt played with it in awhile, and thought it should be easy to get up and running.  I got it going, using BrainBay for the software, but with a noisy power supply, so the output was just noise.  I was about to use a 9v battery instead of the noisy power supply, but I had to leave at 4pm, so I'm not sure what happened from there.  Maybe someone got it running with the 9v battery after I left?



I'll be at NB tonight, leading Circuit Hacking Mondays -- at 8:30pm.








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hey - sorry i didn't make it - I realized in the middle of the silent retreat that i was in that i wouldn't be able to jugle things as i thought. Sunday is usully reserved day and i was hoping to swing in.  

I want to attend the haskell meeting on tues - is there anyone that can bring me up to speed that is going on and all that. Or is there a time this week in that someone is willing to meet?


On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 1:30 AM, Kelly <hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com> wrote:

Definitely come by, Curtis.  We'll be hanging around for the better
part of the afternoon.


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> Hi - i'm very interested in this project and want to attend -- It turns out
> at 3_30 i have a booking in a (if you will believe it) a zen ceremony - If i
> can get in a specific position early i will be able to step out without
> disturbing the flow - Even still i will likey not arrive until 4 - will
> anyone still be interested in showing me and filling me into the projects
> detail?
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