[EEG] Brainstorming

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 04:08:52 PDT 2009

I noticed that Thursday's meeting has manifest on the google calendar!  I
guess that means it's actually happening.  Be there.  In the meantime...

For whatever reason, I can't get it up to brainstorm via email very often,
so if anyone wants to shoot the shit over this before Thursday (and I think
we should) either IM me (hurtstotouchfire on google and httf on lj jabber
are the best bets, or occasionally 170441401 on ICQ) or find me at 83c some
afternoon next week.

Also, attached is a paper on music cognition using EEG that I'm currently
smitten with because it has a novel analysis technique.  There are two major
approaches to EEG data analysis: frequency analysis and ERP.  If you haven't
read it yet, the wikipedia EEG article covers brain waves (alpha, beta,
gamma, etc) briefly--this is approach # 1.  And ERP is Event Related
Potential (which also has a decent wikipedia article), which is looking at
EEG of a specific response.  This requires a decent amount of noise
reduction work.  The attached paper analyzes activity in the various
electrodes and uses probability functions to make statements about
generalized brain activity.  This may or may not make any sense to you, but
trust me, it's cool.  And I will totally attempt to explain this to anyone
without the background to parse it out.

Jake's tossed around the idea of pass thoughts, which would be very cool,
but we're going to be limited primarily by our hardware, and most of the
cool stuff to be done with EEG requires some fairly serious hardware.  But
you know.  Working under constraints forces creativity.  So I'd like to
start brainstorming about various useful datasets that we could pull from a
lower res set of electrodes.  I'm looking forward to hearing how people
outside the field approach this.

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