[EEG] 11/22/09 OpenEEG meeting | Andreas Notes

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Sun Nov 22 23:51:26 PST 2009

Hello OpenEEG friends,

The slightly fragile soldering connections between the silver-electrodes and the 
shielded high-quality audio-cables on my prototype neuroheadset are now fixed again.

So the MetaMind EEG Neurofeedback and Brain-Computer-Interface at Noisebridge 
should now be fully functional and ready to record new brainwave-signals from 
right and left frontal lobes of willing subjects.

If you're interested to try it out, contact me for a meetup or talk to Andreas 
while at Noisebridge.

More Infos are at the Noisebridge Wiki OpenEEG section,
or on my project wiki website:


The whole BrainBay/Neuroserver setup and post-processing presets I've been using 
can be downloaded from:


Also add me on facebook:


Since I'm new to the Bay Area I welcome invitations to private house-parties or 
underground-music/art-parties and other cool hacker-subculture-events.

CU l8er

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