[EEG] open eeg/ocz nia "success"

Josh Bailey josh at anarkiwi.com
Sun Oct 4 17:25:27 PDT 2009

Hi all;

Am completely new to the group; happy that there are other people local 
playing with this stuff!

Seen some discussion re both OpenEEG and the OCZ NIA.

I have an OCZ NIA and have gotten some joy, with some very very hacky code 
just reading from Linux USB HID "stack" (on taking this guy to pieces it's 
seems to be just an audio b/w stereo DAC that just streams samples at you 
all day long):


I freely admit I have no real clue, but I think I have gotten beta out of 
it at 28Hz (and a big 60Hz spike where I expect it to be). Perhaps someone 
with more clue than I would care to venture an opinion as to whether my 
results are plausible? I'll happily share my code with other OCZ owners 
(well, anyone really).

If I'm going in the right direction figured it might make more sense to 
record a lot more data (say, overnight), so ICA has something to feed on. 
Bit challenging with this device as it's only two channels, the electrodes 
are pretty perspiration sensitive, and the device's grounding SUCKS!

Regarding OpenEEG - I have built up both an analog and digital board pair, 
but I don't have an old Windows box to program the Atmel on the digital 
board (I'm an all Linux/Mac shop, one has one's principles). 

I don't suppose anyone would happen to be willing to flash my Atmel so I 
don't have to buy an old clunker and put Windows on it? Programmer won't 
work under Vista because of excessive parallel port HAL, and it wants to 
bit bang - I think - I am not a strong enough Windows guy.

Last thing. Friend of mine at the VA is studying whether concussion 
injuries can be diagnosed by EEG. She keeps claiming to be able to give me 
some 256-channel recordings - I will follow that up. If it's OK with 
her/ethics/anonymised and all that will seek permission to obtain and 
share it (at the very least may be a good control set vs. homebrew).

Sorry for the long post,

Josh Bailey (josh at anarkiwi.com)

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