[EEG] open eeg/ocz nia "success"

Josh Bailey josh at anarkiwi.com
Sun Oct 4 23:56:05 PDT 2009

What an inspiration it is to have other local enthusiasts. Found I had an 
obsolete motherboard with a real parallel port on it, and lashed it 
together long enough to run Linux off of DVD and run sp12 on it.

Now my openeeg is breathing and I can get a test pattern all the way 
through from the analog board. Nice.

I suppose the next stage is electrodes. Oh well. Back to the day job for 

On Mon, 5 Oct 2009, Josh Bailey wrote:

> Hi all;
> Am completely new to the group; happy that there are other people local 
> playing with this stuff!
> Seen some discussion re both OpenEEG and the OCZ NIA.
> I have an OCZ NIA and have gotten some joy, with some very very hacky code 
> just reading from Linux USB HID "stack" (on taking this guy to pieces it's 
> seems to be just an audio b/w stereo DAC that just streams samples at you 
> all day long):
> http://casuallethality.com/?p=199
> I freely admit I have no real clue, but I think I have gotten beta out of 
> it at 28Hz (and a big 60Hz spike where I expect it to be). Perhaps someone 
> with more clue than I would care to venture an opinion as to whether my 
> results are plausible? I'll happily share my code with other OCZ owners 
> (well, anyone really).
> If I'm going in the right direction figured it might make more sense to 
> record a lot more data (say, overnight), so ICA has something to feed on. 
> Bit challenging with this device as it's only two channels, the electrodes 
> are pretty perspiration sensitive, and the device's grounding SUCKS!
> Regarding OpenEEG - I have built up both an analog and digital board pair, 
> but I don't have an old Windows box to program the Atmel on the digital 
> board (I'm an all Linux/Mac shop, one has one's principles). 
> I don't suppose anyone would happen to be willing to flash my Atmel so I 
> don't have to buy an old clunker and put Windows on it? Programmer won't 
> work under Vista because of excessive parallel port HAL, and it wants to 
> bit bang - I think - I am not a strong enough Windows guy.
> Last thing. Friend of mine at the VA is studying whether concussion 
> injuries can be diagnosed by EEG. She keeps claiming to be able to give me 
> some 256-channel recordings - I will follow that up. If it's OK with 
> her/ethics/anonymised and all that will seek permission to obtain and 
> share it (at the very least may be a good control set vs. homebrew).
> Sorry for the long post,

Josh Bailey (josh at anarkiwi.com)

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