[EEG] open eeg/ocz nia "success"

Josh Bailey josh at anarkiwi.com
Mon Oct 5 15:55:29 PDT 2009

I have a Mac laptop, and a USB to RS232 dongle - works a treat with 
OpenEEG. Look ma, no drivers. O'course a lot of the neuroserver saavy 
stuph doesn't build on MacOS for the usual Cross Platform Build Reasons, 
but that's fixable.

That also said the OpenEEG could be changed to swap out the RS232 level 
converter et al with USB. Have done it before but it has been a while. I 
agree it would be awfully convenient, no question, and it is the NIA box's 
killer feature. Somewhere around here I my schematic wrangling software. 
On the to-do list.

On Mon, 5 Oct 2009, Al Billings wrote:

> On Oct 5, 2009, at 2:55 PM, Kelly wrote:
> > I scoff at your machood.
> >
> > (I just wanted to make that word)
> >
> > I don't really think that should be too difficult, although there will
> > be some interesting cable translation possibly.  I think we're
> > currently exiting via serial port?  And since you're clearly not broke
> > if you own multiple macs, maybe you can even use biosemi or matlab for
> > your processing.
> I started graduate school for my doctorate a month ago so I wouldn't  
> make assumptions about my wealth... :-)
> Besides, one of my macs belongs to my work.
>   We need someone (and I'm not an electrical engineer) to come up with  
> a USB-enabled version of openeeg but that's been said for years.
>   Al
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