[EEG] open eeg/ocz nia "success"

Anthony Di Franco di.franco at aya.yale.edu
Mon Oct 5 17:55:28 PDT 2009

See also sagemath.org if you want scipy/numpy, python, and a ton of other
useful stuff packaged nicely together.

On Oct 5, 2009 5:50 PM, "Jonathan Foote" <jtfoote at ieee.org> wrote:

> Well shoot. I used bunch of proprietary Google goo (since I work there) to
> mess around. I probab...
Take a look at scipy/numpy. As fast as anything out there. I've been
doing real-time audio processing (with graphical display) using them,
EEG stuff needs much less (per channel, anyway).

I also goofed and missed the old "OpenEEG" wiki page (a search for
"EEG" didn't turn it up). Since we're doing more than OpenEEG, and
I've linked the new EEG page from the front page, I propose moving
most of the group stuff to the EEG page and keeping OpenEEG specific
stuff on OpenEEG (all crosslinked, naturally).

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