[EEG] OpenEEG data from the cap

Josh Bailey josh at anarkiwi.com
Mon Oct 19 08:11:12 PDT 2009

Please see attached (EDF, written by BrainBay).

In my excitement I forgot to take my notebook home, in which Kelly'd made 
notes as to blink blocks vs not (BTW Kelly sorry I also walked away with 
the cap straps in my pocket - I will be outta the country until 10/30 - 
let me know if you want me to get them back urgently).

I hadn't figured out BrainBay sufficiently to remove the 60Hz noise 
automatically (and was unclear on how the DRL was supposed to work to do 
this automatically - if at all).

So - any BrainBay (or better) experts out there? Now we have some data, is 
it any good? :) I'll happily try to figure it out on my own, if y'all make 

Josh Bailey (josh at anarkiwi.com)
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