[EEG] Open EEG show and tell at 1 year open house Noisebridge?

Jean Rintoul jean.rintoul at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 16:08:48 PDT 2009

err...  I don't work for Emotiv anymore. I don't have an Emotiv headset
either. There is a short run of them available for $500! Noisebridge should
buy one!

I do remember some dude from maker faire who made EEG music(his name escapes
me but he was in the same hall as Noisebridge). I wonder if he could be
enticed to come?

Why not just stick all the OpenEEG stuff on a table so people who are
interested can look at it, and ask about what needs to be done to make it
all work? :P It's no fun if all the problems are solved. Maybe it will
inspire people to join the group!


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Sai Emrys <noisebridge at saizai.com> wrote:

> There was someone at the last 5MoF who works for Emotiv. Might be
> willing to help out - but that'd be corporate-y, which might not be
> desirable.
> - Sai
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