[EEG] Fwd: Open EEG show and tell at 1 year open house Noisebridge?

Andreas Stadler openeeg at meta-mind.de
Tue Sep 29 05:49:39 PDT 2009

Greetings Everyone,

I could setup and manage a working demo for OpenEEG at Noisebridge that everyone 
can try out, and provide assistance if anyone wants to build his own kit.

It displays FFT brainwave analysis for right and left brain-hemisphere, allows 
for Neurofeedback and Meditation Training, and the most fun ist to hook it up to 
a MIDI synthesizer, for psychedelic brainwave sounds and music.

The only problem is, I will probably have to wait till November to get an 
affordable flight-ticket to SF.

Then I will come to Noisebridge and gladly help anyone interested to try out my 
EEG neuroheadset design and build his own, to maybe play some multiplayer 
brainwave games, or have a psychedelic brainwave music jam session.

You can find some more details and pics here:



-Andreas S.

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