[EEG] Open EEG show and tell at 1 year open house Noisebridge?

Andreas Stadler openeeg at meta-mind.de
Tue Sep 29 15:40:02 PDT 2009

What about the idea to get such an Emotiv EPOC headset and reverse engineer the 
communication protocols to make it work with OpenEEG compatible software?

could be fun and useful as a direct comparison and benchmark for the future 
Noisebridge/OpenEEG headset in terms of functionality and usability.

weren't you planning on getting one for Noisebridge anyway?


Al Billings wrote:
 > On Sep 24, 2009, at 4:08 PM, Jean Rintoul wrote:
 >> err...  I don't work for Emotiv anymore. I don't have an Emotiv  headset 
either. There is a short run of them available for $500!  Noisebridge should buy 
 > But the data stream is encrypted in those, right?
 > Al

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