[EEG] 64 channel active electrode goodness

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Thu Apr 29 18:22:10 PDT 2010


looks like you had a good time with a very professional EEG setup.

How was the EEG feedback data visualized?

What data format is the data in? Can I take a look at the data?

what is our next step to replicate a setup like this at Noisebridge?

I was thinking of building a 4 channel frontal lobe
convenient, easy to use, dry electrode EEG system,
with DLR and eye blinking sensor.

I have the neccessary circuit boards,
and people interested in soldering them up,
but the parts would be about 200-300$

If funding were aquired the headset would remain at Noisebridge
for public use and hacking,
only sometimes borrowed to present it at public events.

~Andreas | www.meta-mind.de

Josh Bailey wrote:
> http://casuallethality.com/?p=732
> We recorded a DVD's worth of my noise. This is my friend Nikki's setup.

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