[EEG] Article on eye movement artifacts & website for passive electrode products

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 14:57:35 PST 2010


This guy is coming to our lab for a year.  He did some awesome work
that demonstrated that the evoked gamma peak that many researchers
have written about is actually an artifact of high-frequency saccades.

Also, talking to my supervisor today, she said that the caps she used
in France were passive, and they got better signal than our active
caps here at the lab.  She said they came from this company:


I find that encouraging because I had all but given up on passive
electrodes.  I feel like if there is a right way to do it, we should
be able to figure that out.  At this point, I've basically decided
that we need to make our own cap, possibly from scratch. But I'm going
to start by refitting the current cap with shielded wire.


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