[EEG] low budget EEG project

Dan Brown danbrown at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 10:20:22 PDT 2010

Similar to what Tracy sent out recently, there are some blog posts
about using the EEG modules from Neurosky used in toys for collecting
EEG data:

Based on these examples, I am planning to build a mindflex+bluetooth
radio, which I expect to provide the 8 frequency-band strength numbers
to a bluetooth host, eg a laptop or mobile phone. Fwiw, I am most
interested in monitoring brain activity during sleep. If anyone is
interested in this project, let me know and we can set up some times
to work together at noisebridge.

It would be even better to get the raw EEG waveform data from the
device, but I'm not sure if these cheap Neurosky modules are capable
of sending that data. Anyone have any suggestions about that?


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