[EEG] This Sunday

Tracy Jacobs kinetical at comcast.net
Sun Jun 20 16:30:40 PDT 2010


Thanks for your interest in EEG group.  We have unfortunately been  
slacking of late.  Today is father's day I believe, for one thing.   
Anyway, I am hoping to do an experiment with some servos which I have  
running on the Basic stamp, to try to control them with EEG data.   
Andreas are you still here?  I would love to get your help with this  
any day you're available.  Maybe we could use your EEG, because our  
multichannel still has electrode noise issues to resolve.  Which is  
another thing we need to work on!  I think people are busy lately with  
summer projects and fun.  Let me know if ya'll are up for working on  
EEG again, week nights or weekends. Kelly? Josh? What are you guys up  
to?   We are close to a working multichannel EEG, are we going to  
finish it?


On Jun 18, 2010, at 10:14 PM, eric marion wrote:

> Hello OpenEEG,
> I'm new and I'm considering visiting Noisebridge for the first time
> this Sunday. Will people be working on OpenEEG on that day?
> Thanks,
> Eric Marion
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