[EEG] Any interest in pinball workshop?

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 10:54:03 PST 2010

The sensebridge/EEG contingent has been recently giggling over this
EEG-controlled pinball apparatus:
(he's a pinball wizard!)

And we got to talking...

Pinball is generally speaking, fairly awesome, and it includes a lot
of the blinky lights and circuitry we're already familiar with.  Would
anyone be interested in a workshop on building / fixing / hacking
pinball machines?

I have some connections (my dad is one of these guys
http://www.pacificpinball.org/), and could probably coordinate a
fairly elaborate event.  Additionally, this could possibly result in
donated machine parts to play with / assemble into a working machine.

So, is that something people would be into?


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