[EEG] Any interest in pinball workshop?

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Tue Mar 9 11:14:27 PST 2010

EEG pinball is really a great idea!

and should be totally doable with openeeg hardware.

since it probably needs only two distinct brainwave pattern recognitions,
it would be perfect for an easy to build, and easy to hack, relativly simple
interactive art eeg brainwave installation.

with two eeg headsets a further step could be
a custom pinball multiplayer table,
where players compete for control over [multiple] balls and multiple targets.

perfect for training of timed precise brainwave control.

I was going to do it with a software pinball game,
but having a real art installation pinball table would be a fun alternative.

I'm looking forward on working on this at Noisebridge.
Current projections estimate my physical presence at Noisebridge in early April.

discordian greetings
~Andreas | www.meta-mind.de

Kelly wrote:
 > The sensebridge/EEG contingent has been recently giggling over this
 > EEG-controlled pinball apparatus:
 > (he's a pinball wizard!)
 > And we got to talking...
 > Pinball is generally speaking, fairly awesome, and it includes a lot
 > of the blinky lights and circuitry we're already familiar with.  Would
 > anyone be interested in a workshop on building / fixing / hacking
 > pinball machines?
 > I have some connections (my dad is one of these guys
 > http://www.pacificpinball.org/), and could probably coordinate a
 > fairly elaborate event.  Additionally, this could possibly result in
 > donated machine parts to play with / assemble into a working machine.
 > So, is that something people would be into?
 > -Kelly
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