[EEG] Any interest in pinball workshop?

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 11:47:48 PST 2010

Awesome idea.  I'd love to have a pinball workshop.

I had a vision a few months ago, when I went to California Extreme and met a guy who builds custom pinball machines, that noisebridge should build a "noiseball" machine.  All the blinkenlights and events and areas on the table could be related to our illustrious history, so for example we could have a darkroom with pop-up-able couch, a circuit hacking area with a tiny Mitch (he makes the TV turn off), a little Steen who says "Science!" when the ball hits him, a holographic John Waters, etc. etc, imagine all the possibilities.

If the machine was controllable with your mind that would just really put it over the top as a hack :-)


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> Subject: Any interest in pinball workshop?
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> The sensebridge/EEG contingent has
> been recently giggling over this
> EEG-controlled pinball apparatus:
> http://io9.com/5484135/is-there-some-way-to-be-a-telekinetic-pinball-wizard-without-looking-demented/gallery/
> (he's a pinball wizard!)
> And we got to talking...
> Pinball is generally speaking, fairly awesome, and it
> includes a lot
> of the blinky lights and circuitry we're already familiar
> with.  Would
> anyone be interested in a workshop on building / fixing /
> hacking
> pinball machines?
> I have some connections (my dad is one of these guys
> http://www.pacificpinball.org/), and could probably
> coordinate a
> fairly elaborate event.  Additionally, this could
> possibly result in
> donated machine parts to play with / assemble into a
> working machine.
> So, is that something people would be into?
> -Kelly

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