[Neuro] Anyone into Lucid Dreaming?

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 00:56:23 UTC 2012

Last month, my friend Bill and I were successfully funded for our NeuroDreamer sleep mask with our Kickstarter campaign:
We have 3 versions of our NeuroDreamer sleep mask, one of which has Lucid Dreaming functionality.
If you don't know what Lucid Dreaming is, please see below.
We are working on a release candidate for our Lucid Dreaming version of NeuroDreamer sleep mask, and are looking for people to try out our prototypes so that we can improve them.
We're especially looking for people who've used Lucid Dreaming devices before, but are also cool with people who have done lucid dreaming by other means, and even people who just want to try lucid dreaming -- we want to see if our device can help you control your dreams.
If you're interested in checking out our lucid dreaming version of the NeuroDreamer sleep mask, AND can pick up masks at Noisebridge, AND can do so twice over the next month (or so), then please email me and Bill (bill is cc-ed on this email). bill at cornfieldelectronics.com
We'll be starting testing in about a week.

If you don't know what it is -- Lucid Dreaming is the ability to control your dreams. I've been doing it most of my life. And it turns out that lots of people can learn to control their dreams. There are devices out there that can help you get started and get better at lucid dreaming. Nova Dreamer is a popular device that has been around awhile. Last month, Remee was successfully funded on Kickstarter for $600,000!
Conceptually our lucid dreaming functionality is very simple. After our NeuroDreamer sleep mask goes through a sleep sequence to help you sleep (the sleep sequence is optional), the Lucid Dreaming sequence starts. After 4 hours of silence, the mask fades lights in a pattern and/or makes nice sounds. The idea is that the lights and/or sounds make their way into your dreams, giving you an opportunity to become conscious that you are dreaming. We also have an optional alarm to wake you up after you dream so that you can wake up and write it down before you forget your dreams.


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