[Neuro] Eyes-open EEG stimulation via the ear canals

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Crazier things have proven true.
When germs were told to be on the hands of Doctors and they had to wash
their hands before surgery, they nearly hung the person that claimed that so
called "lie" at the time. 
Later, microscopes were shown to people and the germs came alive!

Let curious minds be curious!  It is a lot more fun that way for everybody
and sometimes it ends up saving lives.

Go! Light Ears! 

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> AFAICT they are all from this company's own claimed research.

. also, have any of you actually looked at even just the extracts
thereof that they brag about?

They don't seem to understand what "placebo controlled trial" means.
Hint: it's not placebo controlled if your groups are three variants of
the same protocol, without one that has "did same thing, with zero

Rather, that's an excellent example of how to obtain a placebo effect.

That's obviously flawed "research", something so stupid that I can't
even grant it the benefit of Hanlon's Razor. When purporting to help
people with serious issues by selling them a device, using "research"
that is essentially an outright lie, is absolutely despicable.

- Sai
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