[Neuro] Eyes-open EEG stimulation via the ear canals

Gregory Perry Gregory.Perry at govirtual.tv
Wed Oct 10 01:57:09 UTC 2012

If you have discovered a method of dynamically shaping brainwave activity using a simple placebo or prop, then maybe you should consider retaining a patent attorney to protect your method.

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> A showing of EEG monitoring data that demonstrates brainwave entrainment with this method of stimulation should elevate the findings just a notch above your research into magnetic bracelets, faith healing, and homeopathy.

Indeed it might… IF you do properly sham controlled trials. (Sham
treatment is the equivalent of placebo for non-pharma. Do everything
you normally would, except have the software secretly not turn the
lights on in half the trials, such that you don't know which is which
until the very end.)

And if you don't get the results you want on proper controlled trials,
think hard about why that is. (Hint: it rhymes with "blacebo effect".)

If you get results you want when you're NOT controlling, all you've
managed to show is that your brain reacts to your expectations — not

As for selling shit purporting to help people with serious medical
problems until you have solid reason to believe it works: no, that
ain't research, that's quackery and it's unethical.

- Sai

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