[Neuro] Eyes-open EEG stimulation via the ear canals

Gregory Perry Gregory.Perry at govirtual.tv
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1) This is not a medical device, and at no point in time has it been represented as such on this list or elsewhere.  This is an experimental photic stimulation system that utilizes the ear canals instead of the eyes.

2) Observing charting data from a multichannel EEG monitoring device while using a photic stimulation system and/or binaural beats generator is not rocket science.  Using FFT analysis, changes in brainwave activity directly corresponding to the area of the EEG spectrum targeted by the photic stimulation session are easily observed.
This is especially the case when using randomized photic stimulation methods such as the Brain Brightening routines developed by Dr. Thomas Budzynski (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Budzynski), and further elaborated in his 1999 Journal of Neuropathy peer reviewed study "Academic Performance Enhancement with Photic Stimulation and EDR Feedback" (http://tinyurl.com/9hpxtod).

3) By observing EEG monitoring hardware with FFT analysis within each of the EEG bands, I have observed similar (and sometimes stronger) changes in brainwave activity from light sources projected into the ear canal vs. the use of LED glasses.

4) If these changes you mention are in reality just a "placebo effect" from magnetic bracelets and faith healing, then pursuant to the peer reviewed study listed above you may very well have discovered a way of increasing a subject's GPA, long term learning retention, and memory consolidation with the use of a prop or placebo.  As such, it would  make sense for you to hire a patent attorney so that we can engage in talks about licensing your placebo technology for integration with a product that costs much less to develop and bring to market than what I am currently developing.

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> If you have discovered a method of dynamically shaping brainwave activity using a simple placebo or prop, then maybe you should consider retaining a patent attorney to protect your method.

… do you even understand what placebo effect is?

That's the whole point. It affects your brain, because you merely
believe it — rather than because of anything physiological.

It seems like you're not actually interested in science here. Carry on
with selling fake medical devices based on bogus claims.

- Sai

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