[Neuro] Eyes-open EEG stimulation via the ear canals

Gregory Perry Gregory.Perry at govirtual.tv
Wed Oct 10 20:01:51 UTC 2012

I have experimented with both conventional photic stimulation (LED glasses, eyes closed), and binaural beats while monitoring EEG responses with scalp electrodes.  The strongest results were with both the LED glasses and in-ear receptacles used at the same time.

I have not been able to combine the in-ear light sources with binaural beats yet however, as the current prototypes do not include any audio receivers in the ear receptacles.

I think the most immersive method from a brainwave driving perspective would be LED glasses, in-ear light sources, and binaural beats hence the inclusion of studio-quality earphones with the next generation design listed on the Indiegogo project page.  Binaural beats alone are not as effective as photic stimulation methods, but using all three methods together might lead to the most powerful method of brainwave driving to date.

This will be possible with the BeagleBone Cape model of the project, which will have nine PWM outputs to drive all six in-ear light channels plus three additional PWM channels for use with a conventional set of LED goggles. 
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like the idea !!
and would like the observed effect to be more widely usable.

feedback and criticism is potentially useful
to pinpoint a model for the observed effect.

- - -

you mentioned that at some point,
you used strobe-light and binaural-beats entrainment,
while trying the new photonic light stimulation method.

maybe the brain neural network has associated the brainwave activity pattern,
stimulated by strobe, binaural, and placebo/meditation,
with the warm subtle feeling induced by the led in the ear-canal ?!?


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