[Neuro] tDCS at Noisebridge?

John Withers jwithers at reddagger.org
Thu Apr 18 09:06:56 UTC 2013

On 04/17/2013 06:17 PM, Anthony Di Franco wrote:
> More to the point then, what's the best prior info right now on how to 
> aim these things?
Two places, one is the paper that Robert posted to, the 2008 State of 
the Art paper. The other is this slightly badass display of insane citing:

Note that neither one of these are going to be very user friendly. Some 
abstracts won't give locations. All of them are going to use terms that 
are going to be challenging if you aren't fully up to speed on brain 
anatomy and the 10-20 system.

You can find out the rudiments of the 10-20 system on wikipedia:

The other thing you want to know is anode or anodal means positive 
terminal and cathode or cathodal means negative terminal. If they say 
Anodal to the DLPFC and don't say anything about the cathode, it is 
probably on the shoulder and likely whichever one they don't mention, 
which might be referred to generically as the "return" electrode, is 
larger than 2" x 2", which is common when placing it off the head.

As for DLFPC and that, you can easily find where the hell they are 
talking about with google.

If all that is a bit more daunting than you are down for, you can screw 
about with these montages for fun until I get something a bit more 
comprehensive up:

Go near the bottom of this page and you can see a set of montages:

There are a few montages here with good labels about what they 
supposedly do:

Sorry if any of that was condescending and you already know this stuff. 
Without knowing you, I threw in some basic stuff.


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