[Neuro] Neuro Digest, Vol 35, Issue 2

John Withers jwithers at reddagger.org
Mon Aug 5 15:26:53 UTC 2013

On 08/05/2013 10:40 AM, LinkReincarnate wrote:
> There is no fine motor control over the tail and it is a binary on/off 
> that is triggered by brainwave entrainment.  The interesting thing I 
> garnered from the paper was that brainwave entrainment can be used as 
> an almost 100 percent accurate mental switch. As a game developer that 
> is very interesting to note.

Yeah, Link, entrainment effects are pretty pronounced. It does look like 
they are probably using a classifier to catch it quickly.

And that's an area rife for fun and useful crap and not really all that 
well documented anywhere and with lots of potential room to do real 
work, classifiers. If you have the EPOC with the dev license so you have 
the raw data streams you have a real tool (as opposed to the various 
neurosky based offerings, which suck). Obviously you can code if you are 
working on writing games.

There is someone who I think is on this list who has a ton of experience 
in this area, Jean Rintool. I seem to recall she wrote Emotiv's current 
classifiers in the first place. She did it for someone anyway. I am too 
lazy to look up who, but I think emotiv.

And if you really start to make any headway, I am interested in this 
area. The only reason I am not hacking it right now is that I don't have 
an eeg rig except the one in parts on my bench that is going to get put 
together Real Soon Now.


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