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John Hurliman jhurliman at jhurliman.org
Thu Jan 9 19:29:11 UTC 2014

I completed the previous session of Computational Neuroscience and highly
recommend it, from the perspective of both a beginning student of ML and a
general interest in the brain. My previous disclaimer still applies:

"I took this class in the summer and highly recommend it to anyone who's
interested. My only critique is that the requirements ("Familiarity with
basic concepts in linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory.") are
slightly understated. You can get through the class with that level of
knowledge, but a lot of the math in the second half of the course will be
somewhat opaque without an understanding of differential equations."

With Mike offering assistance though, any math knowledge gaps could easily
be overcome.

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:09 AM, Mike Schachter <cubicgoats at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey everyone, there is a potentially awesome Computational Neuroscience
> course starting up on Coursera tomorrow:
> https://www.coursera.org/course/compneuro
> Computational Neursocience seeks to understand how and what the brain
> computes. In my opinion, Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning
> are deeply related and will forever be so. For example, Artificial Neural
> Networks were inspired by electrical recordings of neurons. Stimulus
> encoding and decoding methods in Neuroscience are simply statistical
> regression applied to neural data.
> As a Computational Neuroscientst, I feel obligated to help out - so if
> anyone takes the initiative to start up a study group for this course, I'll
> do what I can to be a teacher's assistant and help with homeworks and
> topics, whether on the mailing list or at Noisebridge.
>  mike
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