[Noisebridge-announce] Five Minutes of Fame Schedule - July 16th, 2009 8pm

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Tue Jul 14 12:25:23 PDT 2009

Greetings Noisebridge!

We are pleased to announce the monthly "Five Minutes of Fame", scheduled for
this Thursday, July 16th, at 8pm at Noisebridge. Bring yourself, your
friends, your pet alien, and ping pong balls to throw at the speakers. This
month we will be introducing a couple new surprises that should make things
really fun.

All speakers have been notified, and the current schedule is as follows*:

"Public Display of a Toilet" --aestetix
"On Presenting Presentations: A Presentation" --Al Sweigart
"A Simple Consensus Algorithm" --Jason Dusek
"How I survived Toorcamp" --Joachim
"Why you should join SF NERT" --gba
"The Unquantum Effect, Resolving the Wave-Particle Paradox." --Eric Reiter
"Sympathy for the Devil: The Precarious Position of the World Bank" --Mike
"A Brief Talk on Articulation" --Crutcher Dunnavant
"Kombucha my Lord, Kombucha" --Naomi Most
"The Hooker Game" --Alex Handy

Additionally, Michael Kan Kan (of tinkerhack.com) will be hosting a science
fair after the talks demonstrating some projects he has been working on.

I want to extend thanks to all the speakers, but especially all the people
who have been showing up and make this event a success. Without all of you,
it would not be able to happen.


*schedule is subject to change, although the date/time/location will remain
the same.
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