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miloh miloh at froggytoad.net
Mon May 4 13:15:27 PDT 2009

Hi Folks,

There will be another Circuit Hacking session today at 8:30pm,  hosted by
yours truly

There are lot of cool projects at Noisebridge that you can make and take
home with you!  Turn off TVs in public places, blink trippy colored lights,
play games -- you can learn to do all this, and more!  Learn the basics of
soldering in one session by making a kit, and in the next session go further
by programming your own devices!

Many projects will be available: the TV-B-Gone, Boarduinos, USBtinyISP,
Brain Machine & glasses kits, and the aforementioned Mignonette Game.

More info on most of these projects is available on Mitch's website
<http://www.cornfieldelectronics.com/> (click
on the "maker faire" tab).

**Come on by and join the fun!

*What:  Circuit Hacking Mondays*
*When:  Monday May 4th, 8:30pm, at Noisebridge -- 83C Wiese, San Francisco*
*Who:  Everyone, including you!*
*Cost:  Instruction is free!  Reimbursement of parts is requested (between
$7 and $25, depending on project parts)*
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