[Noisebridge-announce] The impending Automotive Network

Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 00:49:35 PDT 2012

What: Security and Privacy of the connected vehicle network
Where: Hacker Dojo
When: 7:00PM July 18

Those of you who know me know that although I have been involved in infosec
in the past, I'm currently a law student at SCU. However, that does not
appear to be stopping me.

One of my professors has given me a nifty little assignment. Unfortunately,
it is not just an exercise. It is for the DOT and they are relying on my

I am to analyze the new mesh network standard that the DOT is considering
for a mandated new security feature. Since mesh networks are not exactly
like seat belts, there are a lot of privacy and security concerns that
could arise from this. See http://www.its.*dot.gov*
more information and background.

Although I am somewhat limited by NDA, there is quite a lot of information
available on the network that has been already made public. I plan to get
people together at Hacker Dojo under the auspices of DC650 to have a little
powow about what it is, how it works and what we need to make them fix.
This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in the future.

I realize this is fairly unusual to toss this sort of request out to the
community, but this could cost us all if I get it wrong and I am only glad
I have the opportunity to get the kind of people who could give meaningful
opinions involved. My professor has tried to reach out to community in the
past, but the level and type of people she engaged were not interested in
the problem.

I hope anyone who's interested can join me at 7PM on July 18 at Hacker Dojo.

Christie Dudley
"Privacy is not a discrete commodity, possessed absolutely or not at all."
Justice Marshall, Smith v. Maryland dissent
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