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Felix Sargent felix.sargent at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 16:01:56 PDT 2012

Hey everyone.

I know 5mof didn't happen last month, mainly because I was volunteering for
Camp Okizu (www.okizu.org, volunteer!).
It's taken me a while to get to this point, but I have to admit, we need
I can run the show, Daravinne is an absolute maven at having everything
work properly, but our major failing is marketing.

If anyone wants to help us out with marketing 5mof,
increasing audiences and speaker numbers, we would be eternally grateful.
I have drafts for flyers, as well a mailing list (available at
www.5mof.net/signup), but we need to get the word out there even more.
If you feel like you want to help 5mof grow to include more than just
Noisebridge, please send me a message.

... On with the spam:

 [image: 5 Minutes of Fame] <http://www.5mof.net/>
 5 Minutes of Fame <http://www.5mof.net/> June 19th, 8PM, at
You signed up for the list, now see the show! Five Minutes of Fame is on
this month, after a brief hiatus. Please sign up to give a talk at
www.5mof.net, or bring yourself, a cute friend, and a six pack for a night
of chaos, conversation, and carnage.

Berugherugh????Five Minutes of Fame is a series of five minute "lightning
talks" on any subject the speaker chooses, often revolving around the
esoteric and eclectic nature of Noisebridge itself.

Previous talks have included:

   - Kittens!
   - Artifact: A New Kind of Database
   - My Awesome 3D printer!
   - Lo-Fi Indie Game Development
   - Biosensors and you
   - On Carbonated Fruit and How It Can Enhance Quality of Life
   - Code for America: Hacking Hardware

We Need Speakers!We need speakers for THIS MONTH! Sign up here at
Talk on any subject of your choosing, and for five minutes you might just
be famous.
Nervous? Ever had a drunken discussion in a bar about Pokemon? That's your
next 5mof talk! (?Alcohol not necessarily required?)

Helpful Guide!
Sign up for 5MOF <http://www.5mof.net/signup>

Ping me with questions/abuse, I'm always on IRC @ irc.freenode.net #noisebridge
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