[Noisebridge-announce] Coursera Cryptography discussion/study session, Wednesday, 7pm

Michael C. Toren mct at toren.net
Wed Jan 23 23:58:28 UTC 2013

Are you currently taking, or thinking about taking the (free, online)
Coursera Cryptography class?  A new session just started on January 14th,
and runs for 6 weeks.  The problem sets from the first week aren't due
until February 4th, so there's still plenty of time to register and
catchup!  To register, visit: https://www.coursera.org/course/crypto

We'll be meeting at Noisebridge on Wednesdays at 7pm for general class
discussion, group study, and tutoring.  Present will be a mix of people who
have completed the class previously (such as myself), people who started
taking it before but weren't able to complete it for whatever reason (other
time commitments, or whatever), and people who have never attempted it
before.  If you're at all curious, come join us.

Tonight, we'll be discussing a mix of both week1 and week2.  Depending on
how far along everyone is, next week we may continue to discuss week2, or
we may go on to week3.  If you'd like to come in the future but can't
tonight, drop me a line privately, and I'll let you know where we ended up,
and help you get up to speed.

Some of us will be across the street at the Sycamore (thesycamoresf.com)
beforehand, starting around 6:30pm.  Feel free to join us there as well for
a quick drink, dinner, snack, etc, before going over to Noisebridge at 7pm.


p.s., Cryptography 2, the much anticipated followup class, will be offered
      for the first time on April 8th.  If you've taken Cryptography 1
      before, and would like to join us for a similar series of study
      sessions once that begins, drop me a line.  You can register for
      that class now, at: https://www.coursera.org/course/crypto2

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