[Noisebridge-announce] Will you be in the Bay Area for the Maker Faire on Thursday 16th? Come speak at 5MOF!

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu May 9 05:09:45 UTC 2013

Every third Thursday of the month, Noisebridge runs our show-and-tell
evening, Five Minutes of Fame, at 8PM. Each month we have around a dozen
speakers, and they give little talks demonstrating their latest creations.
In the last few months, we've had everything from live demos of dangerous
amounts of X-rays to one-letter python modules, from self-constructed
orchestras to water-into-wine machines, from Lee Felsenstein's latest
binary demo to Jake Appelbaum's dangerous travel slideshow.

Next week's edition coincides with that Ur-Faire of Makertude, the Make
Faire Bay Area, and I thought it'd be great if we could show off some of
the projects that are flying into our part of the world from our fellow
hackerspaces elsewhere. The show is free for anyone to come. Not everyone
makes it to maker faire, even here, and not everyone gets to hear the
details of what is hacked upon, and we'd love to meet you all.

If you're interested, and you think you can fill five minutes with
something medium-to-heavy interesting send me an email. We have mics, VGA
and HDMI in, can inhale powerpoint, openoffice or the like, and can
probably do you semi-decent audio if you ask early enough. We generally
have a lovely audience of about fifty or more.

Feel free to forward this! If you fill in the form:
http://5mof.net/signup/or just email me at
danny at spesh.com , I'll try and fit you on the bill. We particularly love
robots, things that go "BLAAAART" loudly, lightshows and demonstrations
that have about a 30% of spectacular failure.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, simultaneously, in the same place.
Unless that's an incredibly dangerous thing to do. Or even if it is.

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