[Noisebridge-announce] Power outage today

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Nov 10 19:22:46 UTC 2015

Power is out on our block of Mission, and actually most of the Mission
district as of 10:04 today. A semi crashed into a power pole on the other
side of Potrero and PG&E's time estimations to getting it fixed vary from
sometime after noon till well in the eve. Additionally most of
Monkeybrains' infrastructure seems to be also down.

Due to our zero fucks policy, and the fact that we still haven't gotten
around to installing a UPS on any aspect of our access control system,
Noisebridge is closed till power is restored (or when someone with actual
skill shows up with a lockpick). Please take this time to reflect on your
life choices, and potentially do something out doors in the real world.

Since considering an anarchistic volunteer driven organization such as
Noisebridge as critical infrastructure is foolhardy, any and all complaints
regarding "not being able to get into the space to do that thing you so
badly need to do" may be publicly laughed at. That is unless the thing you
were about to do was to install a solar panel array on the roof, in which
case joke's on me, vegan egg on my face, oh jesus fuck what's the password
to my server's full disk encryption, etc.

Thank you for understanding,
The Nonexistent Management

rubin at starset.net
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