[Noisebridge-discuss] USB sniffer?

Ceren Ercen ceren at magnesium.net
Sun Jul 5 21:21:07 PDT 2009

I'm in your position, too. Attaching the driver to the USB device and 
then running the filters was less than intuitive, and took me several 
tries. http://www.pcausa.com/Utilities/UsbSnoop/ didn't seem to work 
right for me either. If you work it out, please let me know.

(there is a reason I had to try to run it under windows, unfortunately - 
handing off USB to a vmware instance doesn't seem to exhibit the 
behavior I'm trying to capture.)

If you work out anything, please let me know. Alternately, does anyone 
own one of the USB monitors device dongle thingies?

- Ceren

Don French wrote:
> I am looking for a USB sniffer for either the PC or the Mac. There are 
> numerous available that cost significant bucks but the only one I have 
> found so far that is free is USBSnoop 
> http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/doc.php but damned if I can 
> get it to work.  Could be because I am running XP-64 but it appears to 
> be functional right up to the point of actually logging any packets.  
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> -- Don

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