[Noisebridge-discuss] viewing report: 50 Juniper

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Thu Jul 23 14:59:02 PDT 2009


This is a 4500 sf warehouse with a partial office buildout, right around
the corner from the DNA Lounge (closest intersection is 11th and
Folsom).  It's at the end of an alley with many mixed uses -- some old
victorians, several warehouses, and some modern condos.  The building is
stand-alone although the back wall is close to the nightclubs on Folsom.

In other words, the area is pretty busy most nights and we are not going
to be a noise problem.  On club nights there's plenty of food open late
but the downside is dealing with the drunks.  On mondays and tuesdays
the area is very dead and it'd be a hike to food after 9pm.

The owner is willing to build to suit -- I sketched a few walls to
provide more enclosed space (sorta like the Crucible build-out) and the
agent thought they'd be able to do that with a very small increment on
the rent.

They're quoting $4500 3+3 and sound a bit negotiable.  We'd probably end
up somewhere around $4k-$4200 3+3 IG with the buildout included.

The actual usable area is increased by the mezzanine, which is not
included in the rent.

There is one bathroom.

There's sewer and electrical service present, including some odd
plumbing that may have been part of a printing or photography setup at
some point?
There is no shower present, but the owner would be willing to build one
given a suitable tenant.

The space includes a multi-ton crane.  The other equipment in these
photos belongs to the departing tenant and is not included (the pallet
jack etc).

The warehouse portion is uninsulated, so will be a bitch to keep warm.

It's about 7/10 mile (gmap-pedometer says the shortest route is 980
meters) walk to Civic Center BART.  The route is reasonably safe
(doesn't go through any well-known hives of villiany like 6th/Mission)
but is a bit desolate.

Basically, it feels like an opportunity for a mini-NIMBY or
mini-Crucible.  Not clear that it's exactly what Noisebridge needs, but
it does have some promise.  And an owner who's willing to build to suit
is a precious commodity.


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