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Thu Jul 23 15:10:07 PDT 2009

This looks pretty interesting. There seem to be spaces for fiddly
work, and spaces for big work; and of course, good places nearby to do

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Andy Isaacson<adi at hexapodia.org> wrote:
> http://web.hexapodia.org/~adi/pix/20090723-50-juniper/
> This is a 4500 sf warehouse with a partial office buildout, right around
> the corner from the DNA Lounge (closest intersection is 11th and
> Folsom).  It's at the end of an alley with many mixed uses -- some old
> victorians, several warehouses, and some modern condos.  The building is
> stand-alone although the back wall is close to the nightclubs on Folsom.
> In other words, the area is pretty busy most nights and we are not going
> to be a noise problem.  On club nights there's plenty of food open late
> but the downside is dealing with the drunks.  On mondays and tuesdays
> the area is very dead and it'd be a hike to food after 9pm.
> The owner is willing to build to suit -- I sketched a few walls to
> provide more enclosed space (sorta like the Crucible build-out) and the
> agent thought they'd be able to do that with a very small increment on
> the rent.
> They're quoting $4500 3+3 and sound a bit negotiable.  We'd probably end
> up somewhere around $4k-$4200 3+3 IG with the buildout included.
> The actual usable area is increased by the mezzanine, which is not
> included in the rent.
> There is one bathroom.
> There's sewer and electrical service present, including some odd
> plumbing that may have been part of a printing or photography setup at
> some point?
> http://web.hexapodia.org/~adi/pix/20090723-50-juniper/img_4317_Sm.jpg.33.html
> There is no shower present, but the owner would be willing to build one
> given a suitable tenant.
> The space includes a multi-ton crane.  The other equipment in these
> photos belongs to the departing tenant and is not included (the pallet
> jack etc).
> The warehouse portion is uninsulated, so will be a bitch to keep warm.
> It's about 7/10 mile (gmap-pedometer says the shortest route is 980
> meters) walk to Civic Center BART.  The route is reasonably safe
> (doesn't go through any well-known hives of villiany like 6th/Mission)
> but is a bit desolate.
> Basically, it feels like an opportunity for a mini-NIMBY or
> mini-Crucible.  Not clear that it's exactly what Noisebridge needs, but
> it does have some promise.  And an owner who's willing to build to suit
> is a precious commodity.
> -andy
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