[Noisebridge-discuss] Two spaces

Geoff Schmidt geoff at geoffschmidt.com
Tue Jun 23 14:44:23 PDT 2009

** SPACE #1 **

The OQO space is available. Take a look at the flyer; it's a totally  
gorgeous, multi-level, fully built dot-com wonderland:


It's listed at $1.25/ft2, which is incredible given how nicely it's  
built out. A little bird told me that they might take $1/ft2!

It's at Folsom and 20th. It's two separate spaces, 8000 and 9000 ft2,  
so we'd either need to find some more members, convince them to  
subdivide, or (for sake of completeness) bet on growth and run at a  

** SPACE #2 **

There is a nice 6434 ft2 space at 8th and Folsom (301 8th), right  
close to Civic Center BART. It's going for .99/ft2.

It's got a mix of nice hardwood floors and concrete, high ceilings,  
and one enclosed office (for classes?) It has some nice glass frontage  
onto 8th St, ADA bathrooms, and a loading area in the back.

This space has been on the market a while; I saw it six months ago,  
but the price has come down. I think it would fit our needs as-is; I  
wonder if we could talk them even a bit further down on rent. The  
office market is really, really tough right now.

This is suite 333, not the suite 230 on Craigslist.


If you are interested in coming to a showing, let me know your general  
availability. I haven't been very active in the hunt so far, so it'd  
be great if someone who's seen a lot of the other spaces could come. I  
would prefer late afternoon/early evening on a weekday so as to not  
keep the agents away from their families, but I'll set up whatever  

(FYI, these were recommended to us by my broker friend Roark O'Neill,  
who heard we were looking and had the people in his office run a  
search for us; if we want to see them, we should follow convention and  
set up the showing through him.)


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