[Noisebridge-discuss] Want to house a laser cutter?

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Wed Oct 14 02:06:02 PDT 2009

Now that I've got your attention: are you in a warehouse and have a little
extra room for a laser cutter, with proper ventilation?  It's for business,
so make sure that's okay with your co-tenants, etc.  If you have the room,
let's talk about what you'd need to house the laser cutter I'm buying.
Since this is a commercial venture, I'm not able to house it at Noisebridge
in good conscience.

Background: I'm going to be buying a laser cutter soon, and will be renting
out time on it to the local Maker/Hacker community.  I'm willing to sell
time at 25$/hr for the first 200 hours to people who will write me checks
now.  First check gets to schedule their hours first, and so on.  If we
don't get your time scheduled, I promise to return or destroy your check.
If you need references, I'm pretty sure most of NB will vouch that I'm not
going to run off to Tijuana with your money.  Once things are settled in a
bit, I intend to offer discounts to Noisebridge members and people working
on art projects, and want to donate time to Noisebridge as an organization,
to make sure Cool Stuff gets done with the equipment.  So, be thinking of
projects you want to produce using a laser cutter!

Unfortunately, my apartment isn't such a good venue for this operation, so I
need a place to put it.  That's where all you awesome warehouse-dwellers of
SF come in.  I'd love to put it in a container at NIMBY or the Box Shop,
but, well, they're not convenient for people.  So, someplace central would
be ideal.  If you can help me with space, let's talk.

Thanks, and happy lasing!
Josh Myer 650.248.3796
josh at joshisanerd.com
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