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aestetix, my dear old friend. Please feel free to send around this latest
story. I was hoping it would appear in the new issue of "Wide Open Beavers",
but it seems they have rejected me again.

It is an ancient Noisebridger
Who stoppeth one of three.
'By thine long hair and jailbroke phone,
Wherefore stopp'st thou me?

Hackerdojo's doors are opened,
And they are apt to start;
The geeks are there, the room is where
I soon must be a part.'

He holds him with his skinny hand,
'A hackerspace,' quoth he.
'Hold off! Unhand me, long-haired freak!'
Eftsoons his hand dropt he.

He captivates with pretty hair--
The South Bay geek stood still,
And listens like a tiny lad:
Noisebridger hath his will.

The South Bay geek sat on a stone:
He cannot choose but hear;
And thus spake on that city geek,
The bright-eyed Noisebridger.

'We had a space called Noisebridge where
For quite nearly a year;
A group of geeks and artists thrived
With projects far and near.

As more time passed the crowd grew fast,
And membership ballooned.
New home we found, then broke the ground
Leaving the past marooned.

The space was moved, survival proved,
Merrily did we hack
In our new prize five times the size
The former Noisebridge shack.

Soon new projects filled the space
To everyone's delight,
Classes, workshops, all at once;
For room there was no fight.

As with any group of talents,
Eventually does thaw
Dissent and murmur questioning
The written rule of law.

For our collective we had set
To mark the state of mind
Not voting but decisions by
A full consensus bind.

Soon we were having civil war,
A comedy of fools
'tween those demanding anarchy
And those who wanted rules.

'I want to vote' demanded one
Who raised some good concern.
'Why confer? Let's just create' said
Another at his turn.

Banter, banter, everywhere,
And nobody would think;
Banter, banter, everywhere,
We watched discussion sink.

Then when it seemed there was no hope,
We got a huge surprise.
The shrine above the DJ booth
Doth opened up its eyes.

Th'enchanted being stood upright
And started walking to
The space where held the meeting was!
Amazed, we let it through.

On a point in the center where
The shrine had stopped all speech,
It stared at all the Noisebridgers
And then began to preach.

'Can you not see' the shrine began.
'This is an old debate?
You bicker about useless rules
And from it don't create.

If you can treat each other well
(or even excellent)
And focus on your passions, then
You'll have no time to vent.'

With that, the being flashed a light
That made all Noisebridge blind.
And when the members rose, they had
A less dissenting mind.

Like Saul to Paul, the Noisbridgers
Had mutually found
That if they worked together they
Could make their system sound.

'Astonishing!' the South Bay geek
Cried with near disbelief.
'A most amazing story of
Decision block relief.'

And as if touched by excellence,
The South Bay geek began
To really, truly understand
Why and how Noisebridge ran.

And now we near the ending, so
Back up goes the fourth wall.
Only with you, its membership,
Can Noisebridge run at all.
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