[Noisebridge-discuss] Machine shop stuff

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Mon Sep 28 21:30:37 PDT 2009

* Jesse Welz <welzart at yahoo.com> [090928 19:45]:
> I noticed that during the move the enclosure around the controls
> for the small lathe got smashed and now the crux of the meager
> noisebridge machine shop machines are out of commission. I would
> like to re-build that enclosure out of aluminum so we can get that
> machine back up. Does anyone have any objection to me doing this?
> I am a skilled fabricator and will do fine job of it.

Go for it! Rebuilding that enclosure out of aluminum would be most
welcome. Note that we don't have a brake press (though getting one
is definitely on our list) or a TIG welder (can't have welders in
our wood building).

> Does anyone else have machine shop experience and want to get
> involved or has no experienced but is very interested in the
> process of building stuff out of metal or plastic?

Much of my background has involved machine shop work and CAD /
mechanical design. I was helping facilitate this a while back
at the old 83c space on Fridays:


These classes got merged into the work of building out the new space.
We should be picking up with them again soon as we finish putting the
shop together...which should be soon.


John Magolske

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