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How many BOD meetings do we have?
Are they frequent enough that it would be difficult to schedule attending in advance?

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IIRC there was only one point made for why Mitch wouldn't be the /best/ choice (not that he wouldn't, for this one point, otherwise be a good ED) for ED and that's the fact that he travels a lot and wouldn't be able to attend the required BOD meetings all the time. Christie, who made the point, suggested Micholi (sp?) as he's at the space more often.

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On Feb 27, 2010, at 9:10 AM, Ani Niow wrote:
According to our bylaws (https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Bylaws#ARTICLE_V_OFFICERS), the ED's only responsibilities to preside over all board meetings and submit a financial report 120 days after the end of the fiscal year. Occasionally as an officer the ED may be asked to help or sign paperwork such as getting a seller's permit (which we've been trying to get for months but given the unclear status of if we have actually *had* an ED since October it has not happened yet). Other than that it's generally being an otherwise awesome contributor to Noisebridge.

What the arguing is about is that some people feel that the ED should have more responsibility, such as being an advocate for Noisebridge in their travels and being a representative of sorts. I disagree with this view given we are a collective without anyone being in a hierarchy, we should all be doing this job as members and contributors. 

So is this why Mitch was blocked as Executive Director?  These are two different issues.

Issue 1) We need an Executive Director now.
Issue 2) Later, after much discussion, let's affirm or redefine exactly what the Executive Director's role is.  If the person currently in the role at a point of redefinition cannot fulfill it, they can step down and a new Executive Director can be sought.
I'd like to point out while we are all advocates and representatives of Noisebridge in the wider world, it would be poor planning not to account for the fact our internal valuations do not match the wider world's perceptions.  Noisebridge members generally know that "Executive Director" does not mean "in charge" and is not a position of power.  The outside world does not know this, and assumes the inverse.  It seems particularly important, then, to have an Executive Director who is not just generally awesome as a Noisebridge contributor, but can explain this to the outside world while not being prone to self-aggrandizement or assumption of power they do not actually wield.  This fits Mitch like a glove.

Again, who blocked Mitch and why?

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