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Wed Jul 21 04:34:08 PDT 2010

My dear Noisebridge,

I'm glad to see 5MoF doing so well. I was gone a month, and it seems that
our beloved event has continued to enchant inquiring minds in my absence.
Given the difficulties we often encounter, I had my doubts, but it seems
fate has been kind to you. What a splendid display of excellence!

As you are aware, I spent this past week at the Next HOPE conference in New
York City, the Big Apple. So many wonderful happenings, it is impossible to
encompass them all in such a short letter. But rest assured, your event was
in my thoughts, and carried my blessings even as it transpired.

Of course, as is true in the life of any child, be it human, demon, or
event, there comes a point when they grow independent. Further, the sower
who plants the seeds eventually must move on to create a new set of crops so
as to inspire yet another generation. This, my dear Noisebridge, is the time
in our education where our event must succeed its creator.

In accordance with the presumed wishes of the Goddess Eris and his Majesty
Emperor Norton I, as well as saints dethroned and sounds unsung, I think it
fitting to declare a retirement. I shall continue to lead 5MoF until the
last month of our present year, which leaves five months to go, bringing our
grand total together to 23. Naturally, we shall use this time to our
advantage in teaching a new set of demons the fine arts of corruption.

I beseech everyone to join in this effort of community building and good
will towards others, to ensure the sustenance of what is currently and shall
be hoped in the future to remain a beautiful thing.

Your affectionate host,
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