[Noisebridge-discuss] Proposed minor addition to noisegate: smooth key switchover

Daniel Farina drfarina at acm.org
Sat May 22 17:18:34 PDT 2010

Hello list,

I'm new to hanging out at noisebridge and have been looking for a
small starter project to contribute. I think there is a small way we
could improve noisegate slightly, for the purposes of convenience.

As the situation currently stands, the touch screen's QR-code will
encode the current week's key. The key for the following week is
listed textually, but not encoded into the QR-code. At Monday, 00:00,
there is a switchover from the once-valid key to the new key. The goal
is to allow a user to scan the QR-code and get the current week and
next-week key automatically, giving them some time to re-scan again
the following week at any time to renew their credentials without
having to worry about the key switchover on Monday.

The existing HTTP GET request that causes the gate to open looks like this:


I want to extend this interface to look like this:


Upon receiving up to two keys, the gate program will try key1 and
key2, respectively. If either match, the gate is opened.
Bonus/optional feature: if key2 matches, but not key1, a reminder
message can be presented to the user to re-scan soon.

Finally, the QR-code can be extended to encode both the current week's
and next week's keys in this format.

Thoughts, objections, advice? I also would find helpful some
information about who is the closest thing to a current maintainer for
this system, where code is, and so on...


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