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Shannon Lee shannon at scatter.com
Mon Sep 20 07:32:48 PDT 2010

This sounds like the guy -- he identified himself as Robert "Dr. Bobby"
Owens.  He was wearing shorts and a floppy camping hat when I interacted
with him on Friday.

He's pretty obviously having some sort of manic episode; when I told him
that he was acting crazy, he said, "Yeah, some people say manic, but really
it's just powerful."  He spent a good deal of our conversation trying to map
the rules and power structures of Noisebridge -- when I got there, he was
trying to eject someone else, whom he said "made him uncomfortable."  He
asked a lot of questions about process.

The trick to getting him to leave was, as Robert described, patiently
waiting out his delaying tactics (I also ended up waiting while he went to
the bathroom and looked under various pieces of furniture for stuff he might
have left -- he had a name for this procedure which included the word
"quantum" ("quantum air scrubbing?").  He was pleasant, if incredibly
chatty, and responded very well to simple expression of authority ("You have
to leave now").

So here's the warning:  I walked him out of the space and down the stairs,
upon which he followed me, still chatting; I thought, great, the further
from Noisebridge the better.  My plan was to wish him goodbye at the BART
gate, but he had a BART ticket, and sat near but not next to me, having a
loud conversation with himself.  When I got off, he was right there with me
again, still talking.

I was meeting Andy for lunch, so I walked to his office, and used building
security as a filter to scrape Dr. Bobby off me.  When Andy and I left
through the back door, he was engaged in a verbal altercation with building

Andy later discovered that he'd claimed that I had stolen his cell phone,
and insisted that the police be called; when they arrived, they recognized
him and took him away.  I bought the security guard a box of See's.

So in conclusion:  Dr. Bobby does respond to being escorted, politely,
firmly, and patiently out the door, but you are best off retreating back
inside once you've escorted him out; and so far, he comes back.  Calling
SFPD seems to be the most expedient way to get rid of him.

Oh, and by the way, on Friday Dr Bobby and I made a deal that he wouldn't
come back until Monday; you can see how well that worked out.


PS, if you have the chance, ask him about his theory on the sentience of

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 10:29 PM, Robert Fletcher <lobatifricha at gmail.com>wrote:

> We kicked someone by a similar description out of Noisebridge Saturday
> afternoon.  He was climbing on desks, rooting through boxes, ranting at no
> one in particular and generally making a nuisance of himself.  He was
> clearly beyond the level of imbalance we typically see at the space and
> seemed to be a danger to himself and others.  He was wearing a hospital gown
> and a skirt around his waist, neither of which hid much.  I gather his name
> is Robert (Bobby) Owens.  Others said they have seen him at the space
> before, though he seemed more subdued and sane on prior occasions.
> --Fletch
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 9:45 PM, Hephaestus <hephaestus at antipunk.net>wrote:
>> As we were leaving 2169 tonight, a man was coming into the space who
>> was obviously unwelcome. Several members asked me to escort him out of
>> the space, and when I tried he got very hostile, loud, and disruptive.
>> Some members were obviously afraid of this man, and he was behaving in
>> an agressive manner while following them around the space very
>> closely. When he failed to leave after several requests, we called the
>> police. The police eventually arrived, exclaiming 'NOT YOU AGAIN!',
>> and quickly escorted him away.
>> He is 5'9, approximately 160lbs, Caucasian, balding white hair trimmed
>> very short, in his early to mid 50's, wearing an olive drab jacket, a
>> yellow tie-died dress, brown cut off pants, flip flops, and a pastel
>> blue baseball cap with a pink flower on it. If anybody got a picture
>> it'd be helpful.
>>  He is the person Shannon had to remove the other morning. Is he the
>> person who showed up this morning without pants?
>> (p.s. Rubin, I fully expect you to carry out your threat to 'punch the
>> next person who calls the police to noisebridge.' It was me.)
>> --
>> Hephaestus
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