[Noisebridge-discuss] replicator parts and others from China

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Dec 21 20:33:37 PST 2011


look!  zero-backlash flexible couplers.  Nema23 motors for $33!

multi-axis stepper controller boards.  power supplies.  ARM computers with 
touchscreens attached.  more power supplies.  Buck converters, boost 
converters.  They have everything.  They accept credit card (so you can 
reverse the charges if they dont send what they were supposed to) and free 
shipping to the usa.

the prices are so low it's ridiculous to ignore this stuff.  For example, 
a mintyboost kit is $20, and these folks sell one ASSEMBLED (minus the 
altoids tin and the 2xAA battery holder) for like $2 each.

lots of audio amplifiers.

Atmega128 board with FTDI interface on board, assembled, $85 for five.

197 pages of this shit.. although it seems it might repeat itself 
sometimes.  welcome to china.

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